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What motivates us?

Why do we care for our native animals? 

The native species of a region fulfill an essential role in the ecosystem. The conservation of flora and fauna maintains the natural balance.

The main factor that threatens Argentinean wildlife is the destruction of its natural habitat. Other factors which impoverish wildlife are the pet trade, the introduction of exotic species and corruption such as hunting and the illegal trafficking of animals. To maintain a large enough population of animals we ensure the genetic diversity which is needed for the survival of the species.



Why rebuild the woodland?

In the province of Córdoba the alarming reality is that less than 5% of the native flora remains and the cause of this loss is directly related to our clearance activities. For this reason, at Pumakawa we want to propose specific activities which will help our native woodland to be re-valued. To achieve this, the first step is to listen to the cry of nature begging us to stop felling as a matter of urgency. The second step is to take action, to learn more and to plant more native species.
In Pumakawa, a reserve dedicated to the wild flora and fauna, we have developed a bank of native seeds which will grow into plants for the reforestation of the mountains.


What motivates us to conserve our flora?

Rebuilding the mountain environment with native species is of fundamental importance.
The original species form part of the natural balance of our region. The introduction of non-native species has broken the harmony. Breaking this harmony has allowed plagues to appear. An example of this happened in our area with the introduction of the eucalyptus, which is not a native tree. In these, parrots could build their nests much higher than their natural predators could catch them and in this way their numbers have grown out of all proportion.
Another reason to increase the native flora is that our indigenous birds enjoy the fruit of the piquillines, the talas and the passionflower. Sadly for decades now we have been obliged to replace their natural diet with the fruit of the grataeus, an invasive species that stains the Cordobesa Mountains red. At last it is time to return the mountains to their dark green and to give the birds back their preferred delicacy!


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