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Volunteers form an important part Pumakawa’s workforce. Volunteers provide, in many capacities, within Pumakawa by contributing time, energy or talents that help to fulfill the reserve’s mission. Volunteers generate enthusiasm and interest. They extend and augment the work of permanent staff. The staff can then focus on individual tourists/clients or subject areas, and thus bring new insights, energy and time to the work. 

Pumakawa offers a variety of areas in which the volunteer can unfold themselves. The volunteer benefits by having the opportunity to explore an interest and as a result gain new information, develop new skills and enhance existing knowledge. Through their experience they form leadership and social skills as they interact with paid staff, tourists/clients and other volunteers. They develop personal pride and satisfaction as they help tourists/clients and staff. The life experience not only adds to the volunteer’s exposure to different cultures and societies, but the experience also adds expertise in a specific area.

Participants in the volunteer program come from Argentina, as well as from all over the world, with open hearts ready to lend a hand. In return, Pumakawa offers training in areas such as construction with alternative materials, nutrition and wild animal handling, tourism, managing native seed bank, conservation, etc. Volunteers are invited to share an unforgettable experience in Pumakawa nature reserve.


Requirements for Volunteer Program in Pumakawa
Volunteers must meet all the requirements before being accepted into the volunteer program at Pumakawa. Once the individual is accepted into the program they must send proof of documentation via e-mail. The volunteer must bring originals with them to the reserve.
• Identification (example: passport)
• Vaccines required by your home country and Argentina. Pumakawa additionally requires that the volunteer have the tetanus vaccine.
This link will help you and your healthcare provider decide what vaccines you might consider.
Pumakawa volunteers must have the tetanus vaccine.

• Health insurance (in case of accidents). We recommend to tell your health insurance company that you will be in Argentina. It is also important to know what they will or will not cover in another country.
• Clean Bill of Health signed off by your healthcare provider stating that the volunteer is cleared to work and they do not have preexisting conditions that impedes them to do so. If there are preexisting health conditions they must be specified. (Examples: heart conditions, diabetes, allergies to insect stings, etc.)
• Volunteer must be 18 years of age or older at the time of their arrival to the reserve.

The cost per month (Ask). This includes accommodations and food for the duration of your stay.  You can pay in cash upon arrival.
The volunteer must bring the following items with them:
• Sleeping bag
• Personal hygiene products
• Comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes (sneakers, work boots, whatever is most comfortable for outdoor work)
• Flashlight
• Binoculars (optional)
• Set of warm clothes (jacket, long pants) in case of cold weather
• Rain boots and rain jacket or rain poncho
• Bug repellent
• Work gloves (example: garden gloves)
• Dishwashing gloves (are useful when feeding carnivores)


Volunteers sleep in onsite in the communal accommodation provided for them. There are beds and mattresses. The bathroom is a shared space.
In winter, temperatures are below zero, our homes are rather cold as compared to homes in USA or Europe. It is a good idea to bring warm clothing!
In summer temperatures are above 30ºC. You will need to have comfortable clothes.



If you are interested in volunteering with Pumakawa, you can send us this form via email to

Also, you may want to consider volunteering through

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