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The publications of Pumakawa talk about the flora and fauna of which we are part. You can buy them or download them to your computer.

Each booklet contains: a description of the species, photographs, instructions for harvesting the seeds, sowing and growing them and an envelope of seeds of one of the two species. There are eight pages in each booklet. The species they describe are:

  • N1 tusca y pasionaria

  • N2 algarrobo negro y manzano de campo

  • N3 espinillo y tala

  • N4 sacha guasca y mistol

  • N5 peine de mono y quebracho blanco

  • N6 lagaña de perro y moradillo

Native Plants II is a collection of new booklets with information about emblematic examples of the native flora of Córdoba, from which you can discover the practical aspects of the biology and ecology of our species. In addition to the seeds, this new collection also includes the instructions needed for the production of seedlings.

In this collection:

  • barba de viejo y carqueja

  • aguaribay y piquillín

  •  durazno de campo y peperina

  •  coco y palo amarillo

  •  uña de gato y pezuña de vaca

  •  cina cina y poleo

  •  doca y peje

  •  caldén y cucharero

  •  algarrobo blanco y molle

The book “Open Up, live with Passion” written by Kai Pacha is dedicated to enthusing us and connecting us with nature and to helping us to feel part of her; as indeed we are. Tales, poems, accounts, photographs and pictures describe the connection that we have with our environment and how much we can explain to ourselves, through our emotions, with a deeper and less structured interpretation. To open up evokes the seed which we have within: plants and animals are enfolded within a culture that hardens the exterior.

Remember it is time to open our hearts, to put an end to our tears, live to the maximum, fill the air with laughter and see things as they are.

…….It is a book that opens the soul and allows it to flourish.

It invites us to investigate more within our shell to really discover ourselves. All in all, it is a demonstration of intent to live with spirit. The author, Kai Pacha, has a long career in activities related to the protection of the mountain environment and native fauna. In 1993 she graduated with a qualification in Social Work (UNC). From 1998 till now she has run the not for profit organisation El Edén Flora y Fauna,(, situated in Villa Rumipal, province of Córdoba, Argentina.

Plantas nativas: Banco de semillas

Somos parte

Selva, una madre que me abraza


Animales silvestres en recuperación (parte 1)

Animales silvestres en recuperación (parte 2)

Reconstruir el monte

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