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Hello, I’m Kai Pacha, president of Pumakawa.                             I wrote a book called ‘Open Up’ aimed at connecting us to Mother Earth and somehow to help us to feel part of her, which we are.


‘Open Up’ contains tales, poems, stories, pictures and photographs inspired by living day to day in the reserve. I invite you to enjoy it and to ‘open up’ with it. It is an attempt to help us live with passion.


Buying it helps us in our work in helping the recovery and care of the animals and the woodland.





A book nurtured in Pumakawa and dedicated to enthusing us and connecting us with nature and to helping us to feel part of her; as indeed we are. Tales, poems, accounts, photographs and pictures describe the connection that we have with our environment and how much we can explain to ourselves, through our emotions, with a deeper and less structured interpretation.

We give nature a voice; we connect with the essence of nature in order to listen to it. We discover that it has a beat, rhythms, life strategies, patterns with which we resonate. We acknowledge it without discrimination.


We can live this bond openly; integration gives us fulfilment. In a style both domestic and personal, intimate and open, the stories share daily life.


‘Open Up’ invokes the seed we have within; the plant and animal being enfolded within a culture that hardens the exterior. Remember it is time to open our hearts, to put an end to our tears, live to the maximum, fill the air with laughter and see things as they are.

It is a book that opens the soul and allows it to flourish.  It invites us to delve deep within to find out who we are.
It is, in short, an example of an attempt to live with passion.



© 2016 / Pumakawa

Ruta Prov N 5 km 103 Villa Rumipal, Valle de Calamuchita. Córdoba. Argentina. CP 5864

Tel:  +54 9 351 718-6341

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