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We are a non-profit making organisation dedicated to environmental conservation, principally of native species that are very low in number or that are at risk of extinction in the central region of Argentina. We are in the province of Córdoba, km 103 of the Ruta Provincial N° 5 of Villa Rumipal.

We have an area of 2 hectares where we carry out various activities of conservation, education, recreation and research.

The word Pumakawa means “one who cares with the vigilance of the puma”, the native mammal of America, which is the symbol of our organisation.

What we do
At Pumakawa our principal activity is caring for wild animals in recuperation. All our activities are oriented towards conservation, education, recreation and research, as suggested by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

Our objectives are:


  • To participate actively in the conservation of the native flora and fauna of the province of Córdoba.

  • To contribute to ecological conservation through recreational and educational activities as well as through our research work.

  • To offer services focused on developing ecological awareness and improving environmental conservation.

  • To provide the community tools that will facilitate an improvement at a global, cultural and interdisciplinary level, to the problems arising from the interaction of man and the environment.

  • To contribute to the development of skills for both individual and collective action.

  • To promote social values and interest in the environment that will bring about a positive movement to protect and improve it.

The site

Pumakawa is developing its activities at its main site, consisting of 2 hectares which can be explored on foot.

It is situated at Ruta Provincial Nº 5, Km 103. Villa Rumipal, Córdoba. Argentina. CP 5864

GPS: 32º 10'09.20"S   64º 28'26.50"W    

Facilities: La Chacrita, rural cinema, craft shop, open air seating, nature trail, toilets.                     

Hostel: accommodation for 3 with shared bathroom and hot water - Wi-Fi                                          

Visiting Hours: in high season, from 10.00 till 18.00 – in low season, call (03546) 156 50040

Native Reserve

Pumakawa also includes an area called the Native Reserve consisting of an area of 26 and a half hectares. This site is situated 3 kilometres away from the main site. It is currently under development. It can also be explored on foot. On this site we are re-establishing the original state of the woodland by planting native species that were there 100 years ago. The animals will have a central area where they will re-establish their natural life cycle.                                       

The buildings are being constructed using environmentally friendly techniques. It is situated 1500 metres to the east of Ruta Provincial N 5 Km 99.                                                                         

Activities: Sight-seeing and educational; bird watching and discovery of flora.                                      

Services: Visitor Centre (classrooms, multi-function room), nature trail of medium difficulty for walking, rest area, composting toilets.

Visiting hours: in high season, from 10.00 till 18.00 – in low season, call (03546) 156 50040

© 2016 / Pumakawa

Ruta Prov N 5 km 103 Villa Rumipal, Valle de Calamuchita. Córdoba. Argentina. CP 5864

Tel:  +54 9 351 718-6341

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